AIT Turbo Cartridge Advanced Protected economical Backup For Your knowledge

AIT Turbo Cartridge Advanced Protected economical Backup For Your knowledge

The Turbo cartridges area unit wonderful and consistent storage product for its good performance and extremely price effective answer. this is often the proper technology and it's verified for wonderful storage presentation and sturdy attitudes and long lasting depository preservation per the keep settings. this is often happiness to Tape's family that already verified its self because the best, compact, outstanding storage media format and meet with all kinds of storage needs per business specifications and demands. Turbo Tapes is that the reliable media that were developed by Sony a decade agone, to fulfill with the storage challenges and quickly growing digital knowledge. Sony's increased these media tapes into the new Turbo generation that area unit the proper answer for terribly compiled and intense storage needs and particularly once the expenditures area unit the sensitivity issue.

 Sony AIT Turbo Tapes use several basic and well old technologies that area unit the foremost reliable for AIT and plenty of alternative existed mag tape formats. Sony uses AME technology in these turbo cartridges, AME is well old and used in many varieties of storage media. because the advanced intelligent tape format was originally developed and commenced into the business back in 1996, Sony engaged this AME technology that relies on 100 percent unsullied Co is disperse and place down straight on the bottom film for elevated magnetic instability compactness and reliableness. The Turbo tapes fashioned with this reliable technology and increased storage capability and higher preservation of the archive data. The lofted capability of Turbo cartridge upgraded with 20GB native and 208 GB compressed with the assistance of the outstanding AIT Turbo drive.

 Sony uses one among the essential feature DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) to create the bottom film additional reliable and sturdy, DLC is reliable and disperse on the magnetic layer and creates a tricky, well protecting layer through a awfully high performance stuff coating that create the bottom film additional more durable and sturdy and may be used for a awfully while of amount. The Turbo Backup Tapes area unit therefore reliable and sturdy with price economical media at identical time as maintaining the consistent AIT options. This media cartridge is absolutely compatible with AIT Turbo mechanism with superior scan and write ability. The AIT is transferred capability and speed with consistent for tiny, medium size to even larger storage submissions. And shield with wonderful reliableness the business most vital and sensitive data, that is feasible with Sony AIT Turbo migration on well established AIT exceptional technology.

 Sony AIT Turbo Cartridge offers wonderful and reliable knowledge transfer speed with a lot of quicker and safer, the native transfer speed is twenty one.6GB/h and this is often terribly effective and ready to fill a 40GB capability cartridge in but two hours. This AIT tape is best than alternative existed mag tape format and offers reliable capability and transfer speed with terribly low operational prices. These Turbo generations area unit a reliable a part of the well old AIT family, These cartridges area unit filled with vital and huge qualities that area unit needed within the storage business, and advanced enhancements assured compatibility with major vender busy servers, reliable with previous AIT generations cartridges.

 AIT Turbo Tapes offers reliable and most advanced storage answer with huge capability, speed and overall outstanding performance through sturdy preservation of archives.

 varied generations of AIT and AIT turbo cartridges have gotten ready at .

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